Donkey meets Shrek


Donkey, chased by guards, bumps into Shrek. The guards are at firs startled, but then the captain speaks:

Captain: You there, Ogre!
Shrek: I…
C: By the order of Lord Farquaad, I am authorized to place you both under arrest and transport you to the designated free settlement facility…
By this time Shrek has moved forward and the guards have fled.
S: Oh, really? (looking behind the captain) You and what army?
The captains sees he is alone and runs away.
D: Can I say something to you? Listen, you was really, really great back there. Incredible!
S: Are you talking to me?
D: Yes, I was talking to you. Can I just tell you that you was really great back there? Those guards? I thought it was all over and then you showed up and bang! They were like babies in the woods! That really made me feel good, you see that?
S: Oh, that’s great! Really!
D: Men, it’s good to be free!
S: Now, why don’t you go celebrate your freedom with your own friends?
D: But, I don’t have any friends. And I’m not going there by myself. Wait a minute- I’ve got a great idea! I’ll stay with you!
Shrek doesn’t find it a great idea and he screams at Donkey to scare him.
D: Oh, that was really scary! And if you don’t mind me saying, if that doesn’t work, your breath will certainly get the job done, you definitely need some tictacs or some, ’cause your breath stinks!


startle przestraszyć, zaskoczyć
by the order z nakazu
authorize upoważnić
designated wyznaczony
settlement osada, kolonia
facility something created to serve a particular function – udogodnienie
flee czmychnąć
show up zjawić się
celebrate uczcić
if you don’t mind me … (ing) jeśli nie masz nic przeciwko bym …