Ćwiczenia na idiomy angielskie – 4

Uzupełnij angielskie idiomy. Pełną listę do nauki znajdziesz tutaj.

  1. He has really come his own as a basketball player since he changed positions.
  2. They almost came to when they were trying to fix the car.
  3. All his efforts to help his sister find a job came to .
  4. She really her own goose and has no chance of getting the new job.
  5. He finally coughed enough money to pay for the accident.
  6. I don’t know what he wants but recently he has been trying to cozy me.
  7. We had to the whip in order to get the job finished by the weekend.
  8. He said that he was very sorry but his tears were just tears.
  9. Don’t keep asking so many questions. Remember curiosity killed the .
  10. The decision was and dried and nobody asked for our opinion.