Ćwiczenia na idiomy angielskie – 5

Uzupełnij angielskie idiomy. Pełną listę do nauki znajdziesz tutaj.

  1. She decided to cut chocolate in order to lose weight.
  2. I will dash a letter now but then I must go to work.
  3. There was a truck dead so we put on the car brakes suddenly.
  4. They are dead against their son going to Europe for a year.
  5. He will be in water if he doesn’t tell us where he spent the money.
  6. The house plants began to die as soon as he moved to a new apartment.
  7. She did a double when she saw her old boyfriend with another woman.
  8. He was really done by the time that he finished the marathon.
  9. Would you like to do the and pour everyone a glass of wine?
  10. It is a dog--dog world out in the world of advertising and public relations.