Ćwiczenia na idiomy angielskie – 10

Uzupełnij angielskie idiomy. Pełną listę do nauki znajdziesz tutaj.

  1. I am sure that the party will go over well. You have done a lot of preparation for it.
  2. She went to when she received the letter about her father’s death.
  3. He has a real green and has a beautiful garden.
  4. His new company is making money hand over .
  5. That new salesman really has a on his shoulders.
  6. The child has his heart on getting a new bicycle for his birthday.
  7. They had a heart-to- talk before they decided to get married.
  8. He has a serious drinking problem and is unable to hold a job.
  9. The company has been holding the on any new salary increases.
  10. I tried to explain the problem to him in a but there still wasn’t enough time.