Ćwiczenia na idiomy angielskie – 8

Uzupełnij angielskie idiomy. Pełną listę do nauki znajdziesz tutaj.

  1. She is angry at me because she found that I quit the night class.
  2. The new pair of jeans that he bought fit like a .
  3. She is my own flesh and so of course I felt terrible when she got into trouble.
  4. He is following in his father’s and has decided to work for a bank.
  5. He was able to buy his new car for a .
  6. The mountain climber held on to the rock for life as he waited for someone to rescue him.
  7. You can get a free ticket to the concert the asking from the front office.
  8. We had a hand in designing the new sport’s program for the university.
  9. I know him from back. In fact we went to elementary school together.
  10. I think that my father got a kick seeing his old school friend.