Ćwiczenia na idiomy angielskie – 2

Uzupełnij angielskie idiomy. Pełną listę do nauki znajdziesz tutaj.

  1. We must break these figures for further study.
  2. He is out bringing the bacon and is very busy.
  3. The comedian brought the house with his jokes about the lost dog.
  4. I spent all of my money on my holiday and I am now .
  5. He burned his behind him and is unable to work in the same industry again.
  6. You shouldn’t buy that car without first inspecting it. It is like buying a in a poke.
  7. They took a risk when they opened the new store but it has been very successful.
  8. She finally calmed after the accident.
  9. We were permitted to carry with the party after we had talked to the landlord.
  10. We plan to carry the summer swimwear until next year.