Angielskie idiomy – atrakcyjne zadanie domowe

I often felt that my homework needed something extra to make it more attractive and lifelike.

The solution to this problem is simple – we should try to include idiomatic expressions in our texts.

So for a start here are some idioms you may find useful (I’ll do my best to add new proposals to this list in the near future and of course I’d be very happy to receive your favorite idioms via e-mail. )

So here are these expressions:

to beat about the bush – to delay talking about or considering the most important point or part of a discussion
(czyli owijać w bawełnę)

around the clock – 24 hours a day

to burry the hatchet – to decide to no longer fight (zakopać topór wojenny)

to have one over the eight – to be drunk

to make someone’s day – to make someone very happy

to be as clean as a whistle – being completely free from guilt or suspicion (być ‚czysty’, wolny od podejrzeń)

to set the house on fire – to make an audience or a group of people very excited (about what you did)

the tip of the iceberg – no comment 😉

be my guest! – do as you please!

gray matter – it’s what you use when thinking -hmmm… and what that might be? 😉

to do one’s nut – to be very, very angry

the sky is the limit – there are no limits!!!

It’s raining cats and dogs – the weather is horrible

at second hand – recieved not directly

to have a free hand in sth – no comment 😉

a Jeremiah – a person saying that the future will be horrible

a Jonah – a person who brings bad luck to others who are with him

to step on gas (on a juice) – to drive faster

to break a lance – to compete with somebody (skruszyć kopię)

the law of the jungle – no comment 😉

there’s no love lost between them – they hate each other

at odds – in disagreement

against all odds – in spite of all difficulties (They are together against all odds)

to be a broken reed – to be a person you can’t depend on

to be as sharp as a needle – to lern things fast

to give the shivers – to make somebody anxious

in someone’s shoes – in someone’s position (If I were in your shoes….)

to throw stones – to attack, criticize somebody

stow it! – stop talking!

the High Street – the most important street in a city

on second thought – opinion after reconsideration

a dog’s chance – a very small chance

a dog’s life – life full of worries

out of date – not modern

to call it a day – to finish sth. (Let’s call it a day!)

at all costs – without regard to the cost

to take the bull by the horn – no comment 😉

bully for you! – well done!

boys in blue – policemen

backroom boys – scientists

rock bottom – the lowest level possible (The prices have hit rock bottom)

new blood – a new person

not have a bean – to have no money

behind bars – in prison

to make amends – to make corrections

airs and graces – to behave very proudly (She has no friends because of her airs and graces)

of a certain age – not young

to go up in the air – to become very angry

actions speak louder then words – so don’t talk to much 😉

to the full – as much as possible

Achilles’ heel – no comment

to keep one’s head down – to keep out of public notice

a guinea pig – a person used in medical experiments

to have light fingers – to have tendency to steal things